RSS Mix & Merge your feeds

Deine RSS Feeds zu einem gemixt und jederzeit abrufbar!

Simple & pure AMP feedbucket reader alternative

Feedbucket.mobis best experience RSS Feedreader alternative to Feedbucket. Feedbucket has been a very popular web RSS Feed reader for a long time, but now its little brother Feedbucket aims to be the alternative Feedreader. RSS-Feeds are a powerful tool in terms of SEO and social media, but following each single one you are interested in can get a little tiring. So why don’t you combine multiple Feeds under one address to cover a topic or run social media accounts? RSS Mixer, to be found at rssmixer.com, is probably the best known tool to put together multiple RSS Feeds under one URL, but the site recently went down and now users are becoming concerned about the reliability of it. This is why we created a good alternative to rssmixer and are now able to present you with our tool Feedbucket.mobi RSS-Mix. To sum it up, our rssmix device gives you the opportunity to combine multiple RSS Feeds into a single customized feed. At the moment there is a limit of three Feeds per RSSmix because the tool is still in progress but we are working on an improved version which allows you to implement more of them. Feedbucket.mobi/rssmix can be used by anyone and it is completely free. It is built as a feed publisher, which makes it possible to create new versions of different RSS Feeds by merging them into one. It benefits you because it sums up interesting sources under one address and thereby provides more and better information about news topics or whatever it is used for - it’s your choice. To sum it up, feedbucket.mobi/rssmix helps you to keep an eye on all of your RSS-Feeds. Basically, this makes it easier to manage them and it cleans up with all the URLs. We hope you enjoy the rssmix tool we created and are always thankful for feedback.